Catastrophic Worker's Compensation

Catastrophic Worker's Compensation

Suzanne has personally handled brain injury coma, spinal injury cases, and permanent disability cases involves first offenders, jockeys, racetrack employees, and factory employees. 

Such injuries have been life changing and have caused these individuals to be unable to work for the rest of their lives.  Suzanne has fought hard and prevailed in obtaining life pensions, as well as 24 hour caregivers and private nurses to assist these individuals.  In many cases, Suzanne completely hands on with these cases, attending doctor’s appointments and even making hospital visits for the injured workers. 

This hands on treatment enables Suzanne to understand fully the complex medical issues and be able to interface with private physicians and other health care workers to ensure that the injured worker is provided with the best medical care possible in order to alleviate the effects of their industrial injuries.

Given today’s volatile political climate, Suzanne Porrazzo is committed to protecting the lives and safety of first offenders who are injured in the line of duty.  This includes any first offenders injured during marches or protests. 

Suzanne understands and appreciates that there are many good first offenders who are wrongfully accused of brutality just because there are some who commit attrocities.  This tarnishes a department and increases the potential liklihood that first offenders will be injured in the future. 


Suzanne will aggressively fight to obtain the best medical care for any first offenders injured in such circumstances, and to ensure that they receive the best medical care possible to work to return them to duty if that is at all possible.  If an officer suffers a career ending injury, Suzanne will be by his/her side and that of the family to ensure that the officer is protected financially and medically.  Good law enforcement officers should not suffer due to the wrongful actions of some.

Suzanne understands this first hand as she was assaulted by a criminal defendant in court while she was a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney.  Suzanne sustained a concussion and orthopedic injuries, but thankfully, was able to return to work. 

Suzanne was frustrated by the worker’s compensation system that delayed her treatment and did not fully address her injuries.  This personal experience gives her unique insight into these cases as a first hand participant in a worker’s compensation system that is fraught with delays and unfair treatment for the workers.  Suzanne understands workplace retaliation and will fight to protect your job.  Out of the worst experiences can come more strength of character, and she has what it takes to fight for you against any insurance company or self-insured entity.


We represent:

  • Airline Workers
  • Carpenters
  • Clerk Typists
  • Delivery Workers
  • Firefighters
  • Health care workers
  • Hospitality Industry Workers
  • Hotwalkers
  • Janitors
  • Jockeys
  • Nurses
  • Police Officers/Police Sergeants
  • Racehorse exercise riders
  • Retail Clerks
  • Teachers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Valets/Auto
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Welders

A few of the many we represent:

The COVID-19 Pandemic is Devastating.

Essential workers are on the frontlines which means they are at a higher rist of contracting Covid-19. What are at risks if a worker contracts COVID-19 during work. At Winner's Circle Law, Inc, our Los Angeles and San Diego are here to help.

California order making it easier for some employees to receive workers’ compensation if they contract COVID-19. Newsom’s order allows for those who worked outside of their homes from March 19 through July 5, 2020 to have presumption that the virus arose “out of and in the course of the employment.
This order helps employees to recover for contracting COVID-19. If you are an essential worker and contracted COVID-19, we are here to help.

Workers face huge risks as they resume their work duties. As the economy slowly reopens, many workers are fearful to return to work-but they have no choice and need to feed their families. The danger of contracting COVID-19 at work is valid and real and is expected to worsen in the fall with colder weather, a time when more individuals naturally get sick.

At Winner’s Circle Law we are here to help workers who contract COVID-19. This includes an employer’s failure to implemnt guidelines outlines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for disinfecting and cleaning, failure to provide personal protective equipment, as well as a failure to conduct temperature checks on workers when they report for duty.

All employers have a duty to ensure that their workers have a safe working environment. If your employer dies not meet all the legal health and safety requirements to protect you, we will take them on. Contact Us Today!

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