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About Equine Law

The horse business is a uniquely close-knit industry. We work together with our clients to determine what is best for their professional and personal needs.
We represent jockeys, riders, owners, breeders, and trainers. We also represent circus performers, including horse riders, stunt riders and aerialists.

Fraud Cases with Horses

Suzanne has expertise with not just horse racing and sports injury cases, but also with civil fraud relating to horse sales. Suzanne has successfully prevailed in disputing the purchase price of horses, and establishing that a seller knew that a particular horse was unfit for the intended use. This can be particularly important for multi-million dollar sales of horses, which end up having a defect that makes them either unfit for racing, showing, jumping, or other events or unfit for breeding, as in a breeding stallion with a low sperm count.

Such cases are costly for the purchaser who is deceived by unscrupulous sellers. Suzanne has also been involved in recovering millions of dollars of funds for horse show employees who were wrongfully deprived of wages, and searching for horses that were hidden by a defendant in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Extraordinary Experiences

"Most of my cases involving artists involve live performances on horseback. My list of former clients includes Sylvia Zerbini who is currently performing with Cavalia in Montreal, Canada. I have also represented dances including those with the Moulin Rouge in Paris. My clients include performers in Russia and Australia. I represent equine performers both nationally and internationally. I work to ensure that all performers are paid their wages and if they are insured, we handle their worker's compensation cases. I work hard to enable the performers to get the best medical care that they can return to their profession.

As an attorney who values the arts, it is important to give back to the community. These cases and my work with professional artists and performers, is so valuable to me personally and professionally. After all, what would our world be without art and music?

If you are a performer particularly those involved in live performances with horses and need representation, my office is honored to serve you just as you serve all of us with your artistry."

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