Amputation cases are severe injuries that are both life-changing physically and psychologically.  Losing a limb effects every aspect of your life:  walking, carrying items, working, enjoying family time, and caring for a loved one or child.  If you are a victim of the wrongful action of an individual or company that has caused you to lose a hand, foot, leg, or even finger or toes, we are here to help.  Even amputations of individual fingers or toes can be catastrophic as they effect walking and holding and carrying items.

Carrying a baby can be one of your great joys in life.  What if that ability has been taken away?

Walking your dog is important to you?  What if you cannot do that ever again due to the wrongful act of someone else?  Hikes?  Runs?  All taken away….

We are here to help you to fight against the wrongful act of an individual or company.  Dealing with both the physical trauma and psychological emotional trauma can be devastating.  You need an attorney on your side who will work to get you the best medical care and to help you with the lifetime medical treatment that you will need for your injury.

You should not have to go through this alone.  You need an experienced attorney who is compassionate and will fight for you.  At Winner’s Circle Law, Inc., we have experience in handling amputation cases and will work to protect your rights.  Attorney Suzanne Porrazzo also has personal experience watching a loved one suffer through amputations, as her father lost his leg in an amputation.  That personal experience enables her to have true compassion for your loss as she saw the pain and suffering her own father endured from losing his leg. 

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