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It's More Than Protecting the Riders

Suzanne has an expertise with not just horse racing and sports injury cases, but also with civil fraud relating to horse sales.  Suzanne has successfully prevailed in disputing the purchase price of horses, and establishing that a seller knew that a particular horse was unfit for the intended use. 

This can be particularly important for multi-million dollar sales of horses, which end up having a defect that makes them either unfit for racing, showing, jumping, or other events or unfit for breeding, as in a breeding stallion with a low sperm count.  Such cases are costly for the purchaser who is deceived by unscrupulous sellers.  Suzanne has also been involved in recovering millions of dollars of funds for horse show employees who were wrongfully deprived of wages, and searching for horses that were hidden by a defendant in a bankruptcy proceeding.


Suzanne's mom Elizabeth riding in Yosemite in 1945. Horses are in Suzanne's blood.

How We Can Help

The horse business is a uniquely close-knit industry. We work together with our clients to determine what is best for their professional and personal needs.

We represent:

  • Jockeys
  • Riders
  • Owners
  • Breeders
  • Trainers

We also represent Circus Performers including:

  • Horse Riders
  • Stunt Riders
  • Aerialists

We Are Here To Fight For You!

Our clients have horses of many breeds and disciplines and are located on both the west and east coasts. We also represent clients in Canada, Australia and France.

We have successfully litigated Equine Law cases in both Federal and State Courts and strive to protect all individuals from fraud, personal injuries, and discrimination. No case is too insignificant for us as we treat each client with the utmost respect.

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Suzanne riding Dancer aka Goals Raindance in the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department Posse alongside former Sheriff Lee Baca
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Suzanne on horseback as Miss San Dimas ​

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Suzanne at Secretariat grave site in Paris, Kentucky